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Version: 0.14.0


Any way you want to contribute is a good way, and we'd be happy to meet you! A single entry point for all contributors is the file in our Github repo. All the requirements and instructions are there, so please check for more details.

Some side notes to make your journey easier:

  1. Join us on Discord and let's talk! We can discuss language design, new/existing features, and weather, or you can tell us how you feel about Wasp :).

  2. Wasp's compiler is built with Haskell. That means you'll need to be somewhat familiar with this language if you'd like to contribute to the compiler itself. But Haskell is just a part of Wasp, and you can contribute to lot of parts that require web dev skills, either by coding or by suggesting how to improve Wasp and its design as a web framework. If you don't have Haskell knowledge (or any dev experience at all) - no problem. There are a lot of JS-related tasks and documentation updates as well!

  3. If there's something you'd like to bring to our attention, go to docs GitHub repo and make an issue/PR!

Happy hacking!