Develop full-stack web apps without boilerplate.

Describe common features via Wasp DSL and write the rest in React, Node.js and Prisma.

works with
app todoApp {
  title: "ToDo App", /* visible in tab */

  auth: { /* full-stack auth out-of-the-box */
    userEntity: User,
    externalAuthEntity: SocialLogin,
    methods: {
      usernameAndPassword: {},
      google: {}

route RootRoute { path: "/", to: MainPage }
page MainPage {
  /* Only logged in users can access this. */
  authRequired: true,
  /* import your React code */
  component: import Main from "@client/Main.js"
Wasp-lang Alpha - Develop web apps in React & Node.js with no boilerplate | Product Hunt

Yet another web framework. Except it's a language.

Don't worry, it takes less than 30 minutes to learn. Works seamlessly with your stack.

Truly full-stack

When we say full-stack, we really mean it. Wasp has you covered from front-end, back-end and database to deployment. Zero config required to get started.

The wheel can take a break

No reinventing the wheel here. Write your code in React & Node.js as you are used to, along with your favourite NPM packages.

Less boilerplate

The language approach allows us to immensely improve developer experience. E.g., full-stack auth takes only 5 lines of code.

Show, don't tell.

Take a look at examples - see how things work and get inspired for your next project.

Waspello 📝

A Trello clone made with Wasp.

wasp GitHub profile picturewasp

Real World App 🐑

A Medium clone made with Wasp and Material UI.

wasp GitHub profile picturewasp

Waspleau 📊

A simple data dashboard that makes use of Wasp async jobs feature.

wasp GitHub profile picturewasp

What's under the hood? 🚕

Given .wasp and .js(x)/.css/..., source files, Wasp compiler generates the full source of your web app in the target stack - front-end, back-end and deployment.

Typescript support

JS or TS - mix'n'match as you wish.

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Wasp CLI

All the handy commands at your fingertips.

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LSP for VS Code

Syntax highligthing, go-to-definition, etc. work out-of-the-box.

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Deploy anywhere

See our deployment guide for more details.

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Stay up to date 📬

Be the first to know when we ship new features and updates!

Frequently asked questions

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