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A simple language for developing full-stack web apps with less code.

Describe high-level features with Wasp DSL and write the rest of your logic in React, Node.js and Prisma.

app todoApp {  title: "ToDo App", /* visible in tab */
  auth: { /* full-stack auth out-of-the-box */    userEntity: User,    methods: [ EmailAndPassword ],  }}
route RootRoute { path: "/", to: MainPage }page MainPage {  /* import your React code */  component: import Main from "@ext/Main.js"}
curl -sSL | sh
Using Windows? Check the instructions here.
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Wasp-lang Alpha - Develop web apps in React & Node.js with no boilerplate | Product Hunt

Wasp is an open source, declarative DSL for devs who want to use modern web dev stack (React , Node.js , Prisma , ...) without writing boilerplate.

Frontend, backend and deployment - all unified with one concise language.

Zero configuration, all best practices.

How it works

Given .wasp + .js, .css, ... files as an input, Wasp compiler behind the scene generates the full source code of your web app - front-end, back-end and deployment.

Wasp compilation

Quick start

No more endless configuration files. Create a production-ready web app with just a few lines of code - we will set you up with all the best defaults.

Speed & Power

Move fast using Wasp's declarative language, but also drop down to js/html/css... when you require more control.

No lock-in

If Wasp becomes too limiting for you, simply eject and continue with the human-readable source code following industry best-practices.

Quick to start, easy to scale

Wasp aims to be at least as flexible as the traditional web frameworks like Ruby on Rails.
Start your project quickly with the best defaults and customize and scale it as it grows.

As an example, we used Wasp to implement a copy of Medium:

RealWorldApp in Wasp

You can try out the deployed app here or check out the source code here.

Features & Roadmap


  • full-stack auth (email & password)
  • pages & routing
  • blurs the line between client & server - define your server actions and queries and call them directly in your client code (RPC)!
  • smart caching of server actions and queries (automatic cache invalidation)
  • entity (data model) definition with
  • ACL on frontend
  • importing NPM dependencies

Coming next

  • ACL on backend
  • one-click deployment
  • more auth methods (Google, LinkedIn, ...)
  • tighter integration of entities with other features
  • themes and layouts
  • support for explicitly defined server API
  • inline JS - ability to mix JS code with Wasp code!
  • Typescript support
  • server-side rendering
  • Visual Editor
  • support for different languages on backend
  • richer wasp language with better tooling

The Language

Concepts such as app, page, route, auth  etc. are baked into Wasp, providing the higher level of expressiveness.

/* global app settings */app todoApp {  title: "ToDo App" /* browser tab title */}
/* routing */route RootRoute { path: "/", to: MainPage }page MainPage {  component: import Main from "@ext/Main" /* import your React code */}
ext/Main.js | External React code, imported above
import React from 'react'
export default () => <span> Hello World! </span>
That's it, this is the whole app! Run wasp start and check it out at http://localhost:3000!

Take the tutorial

Take the Todo App tutorial and build a full-fledged Todo app in Wasp!

How Todo App will work once it is done

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