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Version: 0.14.0

Editor Setup


This page assumes you have already installed Wasp. If you do not have Wasp installed yet, check out the Quick Start guide.

Wasp comes with the Wasp language server, which gives supported editors powerful support and integration with the language.


Currently, Wasp only supports integration with VSCode. Install the Wasp language extension to get syntax highlighting and integration with the Wasp language server.

The extension enables:

  • syntax highlighting for .wasp files
  • the Prisma extension for .prisma files
  • scaffolding of new project files
  • code completion
  • diagnostics (errors and warnings)
  • go to definition

and more!

LSP Problems

If you are using TypeScript, your editor may sometimes report type and import errors even while wasp start is running.

This happens when the TypeScript Language Server gets out of sync with the current code. If you're using VS Code, you can manually restart the language server by opening the command palette and selecting "TypeScript: Restart TS Server." Open the command pallete with:

  • Ctrl + Shift + P if you're on Windows or Linux.
  • Cmd + Shift + P if you're on a Mac.