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Wasp is in Beta: Auth, TypeScript, Tailwind, LSP

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Matija Sosic

Wasp is a simple configuration language for building full-stack web apps with less code and ensured best practices. It integrates with React, Node.js and Prisma and provides a lot of common features (auth, CRUD, async jobs, ...) out of the box.

Today, we’re moving to Beta.

Since the launch of Wasp Alpha in February 2021, we’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of early adopters who helped us shape the product and prioritise the features to build. Number of applications have been deployed to production and even the first revenue generating product was built on top of Wasp.

Alpha in numbers

  • 1,011 projects created
  • 2,012 GitHub stars
  • 45 GitHub contributors
  • 243 issues closed
  • 42,170 lines of code

Here are the the new features that ship with Beta:

🟦 TypeScript support

Developers can now write all their code in TypeScript both on client and server. We’re also in the process of migrating our codebase and adding new types to Wasp imports every day.

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🔑 Full-stack authentication

Besides username & password, Wasp now also supports authentication with Google. We offer both UI helpers (forms you can just import) and functions you can call from client or server if you need more control.

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💨 Tailwind support

Tailwind CSS framework is now supported in Wasp. Just add two files to the project and you’re ready to go!

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⏳ Async jobs/workers

Developers can run one-time or schedule repeating functions that run out of the regular request-response band. This is useful for e.g. sending emails, crunching data, generating reports and other resources intensive tasks. Powered by pg-boss, zero setup required.

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🥛 Optimistic updates support

Wasp will by default propagate your data model changes across the stack. Still, in some cases you might want more control over that flow for the sake of smoother UX - that is now easy to achieve with Wasp.

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📟 Wasp Language Server

Wasp now has its own LSP for VS Code (other editors coming soon) - that means improved syntax highlighting, code snippets, autocompletion, and error reporting.

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What’s next?

The next features are going to be about making Wasp easier to use - more examples, starter templates and UI helpers. Longer term, we’ll look into deeper integration of data models throughout the stack and supporting more functionalities through the DSL.

It’s Beta Launch Week and we’re highlighting a new feature every week. Also, at the end of the week we’ll kick-off first Wasp hackathon! Signup here to stay in the loop.


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