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Wasp Launch Week #4: Waspolution

Β· 5 min read
Matija Sosic

Launch Week 4 is coming

We're back! Beginning of the October was both the craziest and busiest time we've ever had at Wasp - we ended up on GitHub Trending (almost at 7,000 stars - thank youπŸ™), MAGE (our GPT web app generator) exploded with 20,000 apps created and more people than ever used Wasp!

Crazily enough, we've even had a first startup project made in Wasp that has been acquired (GPT-powered, of course)! πŸ’ΈπŸπŸ’Έ

To top it all off, we have a new launch week incoming that brings a ton of new exciting product updates! If this is your first rodeo, check out our previous launches:

What's this launch all about?​

As you might have noticed, each of our launches comes with a specific theme. We've come a long way since our first launch week, Beta release, which moved Wasp from a prototype to a real, working framework. In the previous two launch weeks we've added plenty of new features and unlocked functionalities you couldn't have used before (e.g. email sending, async jobs, ...).

This time we kept introducing new features, but we also realised there are many opportunities to make developers' lives even easier. That's why the theme of this launch week stems from "Evolution" - Wasp is now well set on its way, lies on the solid foundations with a strong community behind it and keeps naturally evolving!

Growing up
Wasp from this launch onwards.

Enough chit-chat - let's see what will go down next week! We'll present a new feature (or more of them) every day. To stay in the loop follow us on Twitter/X (@WaspLang) and join our community on Wasp Discord!

Launch party πŸš€πŸŽ‰β€‹

launch event 3 - screenshot
A bit of the atmosphere from LW3 launch party!

As it is a tradition by now, we'll kick things off with a launch party on our Discord! You will be able to meet the team and be the first one to learn about the new features we'll be revealing for the rest of the week. We'll also answer community questions, discuss plans for the future, and of course, hand out some sweet swag (finally get your hands on that Da Boi plushie)!

The party starts at 11 am EDT / 5 pm CET - sign up here and make sure to mark yourself as "interested"!

launch event - how to join

Monday: I am Speed πŸš„β€‹

Why waste time
We think the same, but about keystrokes.

We all know that developer productivity is a hot topic these days. At the end of the day, why waste time use many keystroke when few do trick?

That's exactly what we will feature on Monday! Wasp is already famous for its brevity and prototyping speed, which is powered by its high-level configuration language, but we found a way to make things even simpler!

When: Monday, October 16 2023

Tuesday: Safety first πŸ‘·β€‹


In every industry they have strict safety protocols - we believe programming should be no different! Especially when it comes to types - imagine if you had a piece of data running around your application, without even knowing what it looks like!? No sir, not under my watch β¬‡οΈβŒšοΈ.

When: Tuesday, October 17 2023

Wednesday: Wasp x AI x ...base πŸ€–βš‘οΈβ€‹

Power Rangers

The best things happen when you combine multiple amazing things together - and that's exactly what we did! I don't want to spoil too much, but let's just say it has become much easier to do a certain similarity search with Wasp πŸ˜‰.

I don't want to overhype it, but it might be one of the coolest things you've seen so far - see you on Wednesday!

When: Wednesday, October 18 2023

Thursday: A glimpse into the future πŸ›Έβ€‹

World if everyone used Wasp for web development

Although there is a plenty of work to refine the existing features and polish the overal developer experience, we still always have our eyes on the future and take time to experiment. This is what we will present here - a really cool feature that is possible due to the Wasp's unique approach, that will illuminate a lot posibilities for the future!

When: Thursday, October 19 2023

Friday: Polish πŸ’…β€‹

Wax on, Wax off

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is take care of what you already have! As we mentioned in the intro, Wasp is becoming all about DX, feature completeness and elegance of use. And this is what we will demonstrate today!

When: Friday, October 20 2023

Monday: SaaS-a-thon!​


As the ancient scrolls say, every launch week must end with a hackathon, and this is no exception! We'll share more details soon, but as the title says, we'll equip you as well as possible to create a SaaS of your dreams in no time!

When: Monday, October 23 2023


  • We are kicking off Launch Week #4 on Mon, Oct 16, at 11am EDT / 5pm CET - make sure to register for the event!
  • Launch Week #4 brings a ton of new exciting features - we’ll highlight one each day, starting Monday. Follow us on twitter and join our Discord to stay in the loop!
  • Following launch week, we’ll announce a SaaS-a-thon - get your keyboards warmed up and ready to roll!

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