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· 5 min read
Matija Sosic

Where is Vite

React just released their new docs at While it looks great and packs a lot of improvements, one section that caught the community’s attention is “Start a New React Project”. The strongly recommended way to start a new React project is to use a framework such as Next.js, while the traditional route of using bundlers like Vite or CRA is fairly strongly discouraged.

Next.js is a great framework, and its rise in popularity is due in a large part to the return of SEO optimization via Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) within the collective developer conscience. And it definitely does make sense to use a framework that provides SSR for static sites and pages that rely on SEO.

But what about typical Single Page Apps (SPAs)? Dashboard-like tools that live behind the auth (and don’t need SEO at all), and for which React was originally designed, still very much exist.

· 3 min read

The web app framework you choose doesn’t really matter. Well, it matters, just not as much as others would like you to believe.

The fact that so many libraries and frameworks exist in 2023, and that the best one is still hotly debated, proves my point. It’s the web developers biggest “first-world problem” — a problem that’s not really a problem. On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Developer Needs, it’s definitely near the top (ok, I made that up 😅)

hierarchy of developer needs